Should you have suffered the death of a family member or close relative, our Parish community extends to you our deepest sympathy and the promise of our prayers.

At the time of a bereavement, it can be difficult to know where to turn for advice in arranging a funeral.
The first step you will need to take is to make contact with a Funeral Director and work with them. They will contact the parish to begin scheduling and other arrangements for the funeral. After these arrangements have been made, the Priest will make contact to organise a meeting with the family to prepare the order of service, choose readings and appropriate hymns.

At a Catholic funeral the community gathers to say farewell to the person who has died and entrust that person to God’s loving care.

The Rosary is prayed with short scripture readings before the funeral.

The Church always encourages the celebration of the Mass as the central part of the funeral rite. But when Mass cannot be celebrated, a funeral liturgy outside Mass can be celebrated at the Church or at the funeral home.

The priest and the community accompany the deceased member to the final resting place where the rite of burial is celebrated – usually, beside the graveside or memorial chapel at a crematorium. The priest blesses the coffin with holy water, and the community finally lays the person to rest, thanking God for the wonderful gift of life.
It is good to discuss these options and your preferences with both the parish and the funeral director.
Funerals can be held Tuesday – Friday 11.30am or 1.00pm is the latest time available for funerals to commence. This request is to avoid school traffic times. Priests are not available for funerals on Monday or Saturday.

Words of Remembrance (Eulogy)
Words of Remembrance will take place at the beginning of the Mass or Prayer Service, after the Opening Hymn, and requested to be no longer than 5 minutes.
Photo Tributes
Photo tributes can only take place at the beginning, after the Words of Remembrance, and must not exceed 5 minutes.
The Church is equipped with a computer projection facility which can be used to project pictorial and sound tributes. It is the responsibility of the family or Funeral Director to prepare the Photo Tribute PowerPoint. PowerPoints must be created in Widescreen 16:9 format to be compatible with our data projector and presented on a USB only

St Agatha’s Parish offer Livestreaming of your loved one’s funeral or memorial service.
This is a cost effective and practical solution to connect with friends or family interstate or overseas who are unable to attend the service.
St Agatha’s Church has modern cameras strategically installed for Livestreaming our regular Masses. Our cameras are controlled from a studio out of view and therefore do not create a distraction during the service / Mass.
Once the funeral begins, discreetly placed cameras will capture your loved one’s funeral which can be accessed via a secure link which will be sent to you, all you need is an internet connection.

The choice of Hymns will be discussed with the Priest who will be able to guide the family in the selection of appropriate liturgical music. If the family request musicians the funeral directors will need to arrange their own.

Many families take the opportunity to prepare an Order of Service or commemorative booklet. The Parish do not design or supply the Funeral Booklet. The funeral director often provides this service and arranges for the printing of booklets or other material.

Our Parish Hall is available at no cost to the family for morning funerals only and is subject to availability. Mourners are required to vacate the hall by 3.00pm to allow for school traffic in the carpark.
The ‘St Agatha’s Parish Care Group’ may be able to assist with simple refreshments. Please contact the Parish Office for further enquiries.

We appreciate that this is a very difficult time for you and we wish to support you in your time of loss. However, it is customary to make an offering to the church and the celebrant and the Funeral Director will offer some suggestions in this regard.

Parish Contact Details
If you need to urgently contact the priest please phone 5996 1985.






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